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World's First Wall-Mounted Washer & Dryer Combo

Daewoo Mini Washer Dryer Combo
Daewoo Mini Washer & Dryer Combo

Daewoo has introduced the world's first Wall-Mountable Mini Washer-Dryer Combo.

Mini Combo's simple but unique design and compact size transforms itself to a sophisticated appliance. Mini's washer & dryer combination in one body can be the best choice.

A space saving, innovative wall mounted design offers and enhances space efficiency and perfectly fits in to any places of your preference. No more concerns about laundry piling up, complete your daily laundry from wash to dry swiftly in one queue. You can wash tomorrows out fit in 15 minutes with Quick Wash feature and dry it in 59 minutes, while saving your time energy.

Daewoo Mini Washer & Dryer Combo
Daewoo Mini Washer & Dryer Combo

Special care of baby clothes, with hot water set to 95°C Mini Combo sterilises fabrics and removes tough stains away. The CleanJet Shower feature effectively removes last traces of soap and Tub Clean course clear away the detergent residue in the inner drum.

The Emerald Drum gently yet powerfully washes clothes without damaging them. Now you are able to wash your delicate and sensitive clothes just as if it's hand washed and takes special care of organic fabric with an exclusive course. With the Air Refresh function, Mini Combo removes unpleasant odor from clothes as well.

Its stylish design and petite size will upgrade any interior as well as your lifestyle. This premium washing machine is extremely space-saving allowing you to keep an all-in-one even in a limited space.

Click here to download the product flyer.


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